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Surcheros – Milledgeville

About this project

A local resident purchased a franchise of a relatively new restaurant chain and fortunately, the owner selected Dyer Construction to provide construction services and contract administration to erect the new facility. Challenges were encountered almost immediately upon breaking ground. Before we could begin construction of this 3,500 sq/ft brick veneered, structural steel and metal studded building, the building site required remediation. The previous owner of this site had the former building razed and the remnants were pushed into a hole leaving a problem for the new owner.

Once we completed the soil remediation, we could begin construction. Shortly after we poured the concrete footings and floor slab, our area began experiencing high volumes of rainfall events. So much so, that between the months of September 2019 and February 2020, a total of 32″ of precipitation was recorded. During that 26-weekperiod, there were only 4 weeks that did not receive measurable rainfall. The copious amount of rain experienced during this time frame presented a challenge to dry-in the building. Towards the completion of the project, our world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. The early days of this pandemic and all its uncertainty made it a challenge to finish the nearly completed building. Challenges are inevitable. Dyer Construction has a proven track record of adjusting to or overcoming challenges.