Dyer Construction specializes in commercial construction. We enjoy developing businesses from the ground up and offer services from planning and development to layout and design. We have assisted many businesses in the area listed in our portfolio.


Our industry experience puts our business above the rest. We operate in manufacturing and medical facilities across Middle Georgia and are extremely qualified on safety and efficiency. Our knowledge of various industry specs and qualifications make us the choice for your project.


We work with owner and architect to get buildings designed, engineered, permitted while staying on budget. Being involved through the design phase we can control the budget within the parameters of the owner.


If your business needs a new face-lift, or if you have acquired new property, we are experts in remodeling. Our renovations will get your business exactly to your specifications and will create a brand new space for your new location. We operate on time and on budget.


Our projects can operate from the foundation all the way through the last stud. We have a strong team of workers and deep connections to framers, roofers, and builders that allow us to perform all necessary functions. We can create your business exactly to your specifications.

Project Management

We can manage your project from the planning and budgeting phase or come under contract to manage once plans are complete. We will estimate the project and provide a guaranteed maximum price for construction.